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How to Make a Professional Youtube Banner template - Photoshop Cc Tutorial

Hello and welcome, Today the Grapocean tutorial topic is how to make a professional youtube banner template in Adobe Photoshop. In this tutorial, I will give you various ideas about youtube banner designing. Today I will show you how you can create beautiful youtube banners using just Photoshop. If you follow this tutorial, I hope you can design a banner like this. So let's start the design process without delay. 

Some Important Guidelines Regarding This Tutorial-

1 Dimensions - 2560x1440 (artboard size)
2 Resolution : 300 DPI
3 Color Mode - RGB
4 Template type - PSD

Tutorial Stock Files-

Usually, I will explain the whole of the tutorial in detail but in this case not showing the process of creating a design artboard because, in another tutorial, I have described in detail how to make a youtube banner artboard with the proper size. You must read this article too to understand the complete design process. 

However, after created the design artboard. I will bring all the stock images that I have used in this tutorial from the computer drive. Hold Alt+Ctrl+Shift and press O. Or hold Ctrl and press O from your keyboard to open the stock photo in photoshop. After opening the stock photos, drag and drop them on the design artboard. First, we drag the background photo after that the model photo. After bringing the background image, adjust it to size by pressing Ctrl +T. Or, go to Edit > Free Transform. Make sure the background image is covered the whole design artboard. Then go to Filter> Blur> Surface Blur to fade the background edge. 

Now we will make the background a little bit darker. To do this, we will create a Solid Color Fill layer by clicking the Ball (create new fill or adjustment) icon. After that, change the fill color to black. Then click on the Layer Mask of the color fill layer to the active layer mask. Then click on the Brush Tool and pick a soft round brush and tab on the background. Make sure the Foreground color is black. And the layer mask color is white, and the brush opacity is 38% to get the perfect result. 

At this stage, we will apply surface blur on the background so that its edge becomes fade. To implements, this effect clicks on Filter from photoshop's top menu bar, then go to Blur and click on Surface Blur and then make it Radius 46 pixels and Threshold 90 pixels, then click on Ok.

In this step, I will bring the model photo and put it in a round shape. So here I drag the model photo and drop it in on the design artboard. Then I create round shapes using Ellipse Tool. When you make the ellipse shape, you can pick any color you want. After that, make three copies of the Elipes 1 shape by press Ctrl+J three times. You can see in the screenshot these three layers names created respectively, "Ellipse 1" "Ellipse 1 copy" and "Ellipse 1 copy 2" when you copy them. 

Now I transform those three shapes into different sizes and align them in the center of the design artboard. Now I will apply some drop shadow effects under it and reduce the Fill from 100% to 10% except the top ellipse shape layer Because we will place the model picture inside the top ellipse layer. Now, keep the model photo layer at the top of all ellipse shapes, and make a clipping mask with the "Ellipse 1 copy" layer. Move your mouse cursor over the model image layer and hold Alt+Ctrl+Shift. Then you will see a down arrow sign visible, then click on it to make a clipping mask. 

In this step of the tutorial, we will make bust particles effect around the model round shape. To do this, I create a blank layer by click on the small plus icon box. Then I click on the brush tool then I chose a dust brush from the brush panel. And run this brush where we need the dust particles effect. Now make a layer mask of the round shape "Ellipse 1 copy" that we use to a clipping mask. Now activate the layer mask by clicking on the white box. Now click on the Foreground color box. After that, change the foreground color to black. Now run the dust particles brush inside the round shape. To erase the round shape, according to the dush particles.

Now we will make a triangle shape. To make a triangle shape click on Polygon Tool and make its Sides 3 and click on the artboard. After that, a dialog box opens, then put the Height and width size of the triangle shape, and click on Ok. After that, turn off the Fill color of the triangle and turn on the Stroke fill. Make the stroke size around 5 pixels. Now put the layer behind all round shapes.

At this stage, we will make a round pattern effect. There is two way, to make this pattern. The first way- drow a round shape using the Ellipse Tool then, go to its Layer Style Window>Pattern to apply it. Or you can make a round pattern brush and then use your brush to make the round pattern. However, here I use the brush tool. When we make this round pattern, using the brush tool, make sure the brush's Foreground color is white. Then make a new blank layer and tab the brush one time on the artboard. After creating the round pattern, we will change the layer mode Normal to Overlay. And this time, I do the same work as I did making the pattern effect.

We have reached the very last stage of the tutorial. In this stage, I create all text layers and align them in the right place. To do this, I use the type tool and write all the text. And I make some button shapes also. For making subscribe button shape, I use the Rounded Rectangle Tool and make a shape with yellow color. 

And for the social icon, I use the Ellipse Tool and make a round shape. After that, I double-click on the layer to open its layer-style window. Now, I checkmark the Gradient option and choose a dark gradient color. And then, I checkmark the Stroke option and keep the stroke size 1px. And use a similar dark gradient as the stroke color. After that, I checkmark the Drop Shadow option and change the drop shadow color from black to yellow. Then I turn the blend mode of the drop shadow Normal to Hard light and increase the drop shadow size to 29px. After that, I clicked on Ok. to get the glow effect under the round shape. Then I make three copies of that layer and align them perfectly. Later that, I put the social icons on it. 

Thank you for reading this article so patiently. If you like the tutorial, please share it with your friends and read my other post also. See you later till then take care. 

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