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Professional Social Media Post Design - Photoshop Cc Tutorial

At present, social media platforms are one of the best platforms where we promote our products. For that, we have to design posts on social media for product promotion. That is why I make today's tutorial.  So hello viewers, today I'll teach you the design trained of a social media post in Adobe Photoshop's latest version. Every time you can see this type of tutorial on the Grapocean Graphic Design website. If you follow this, you can make a product banner for social media posts for promotions. However, you can heed my guideline to design your own social media post banner. So let's move to the design process without further ado.

Design Document Information:

Size : (Hight x wide)- 1080x1080 Pixel 
Resolution : 300 DPI
Color Mode :RGB
Template type : PSD

So our first step is to create a design document so that we could do our design on it. To this, go to File and click on New or click on Create New or press Ctrl+N to create a new design artboard document. From there, put the value of the document size and name. In that case, I put 1080px height and 1080px width and put the resolution is 300 pixels per inches type the document name "Social Media Post Design" you can put any name you want. And keep the color mode RGB because we use this design for social media posts. Now we will click create to build a design document in photoshop. Now we can design our social media post on the artboard. 

The first step of the design is to make our sports shoe photo transparent. To do this, I click on the pen tool from the photoshop right side menu bar. And make a path around the shoe area. Then make a selection by pressing Ctrl+ Enter, then crop the unwanted background by clicking the Layer Mask button. After that, I save the photo document in PNG format. Now I drag the sports shoe png photo on the design artboard and transform its size and direction by pressing Ctrl+T. When you press Ctrl+T, you will see some anchor points around the shoe photo. Now hold Ctrl and drag the specific anchor point to transform the photo-specific area. Do you need to rotate the angle of the shoe photo Press Ctrl+T from your keyboard and hold the mouse's left click, then move the mouse cursor to rotated angle the shoe photo. Now we will move to the next step. 

In this step, we will make a blue background that suits the shoe color. To prepare this, click on the Rectangle tool and draw a rectangle shape over the design artboard and make sure the Foreground color of the rectangle is blue to make the background blue. Now I will add a highlight behind the shoe photo. To do this, I click on the Brush tool from the photoshop right menu bar and pick a soft round brush from the brush properties. Here I put a pure white color as the brush foreground color. Then increase the brush size a little bit. Now tab the brush on the design artboard to make the soft round white shape. Make sure the layer is behind the shoe image layer and on top of the blue background layer. Now make the layer mode Normal to Soft Light To make a highlight behind the shoe photo. Now we adjust the shoe color and brightness. Click on the Filter> Camera Raw Filter. From there, I increase the value of the Exposure and Contrast

In this part, we will create a reflection of the shoe. To make the reflection, we require to make a duplicate layer of the sports shoe. To create the sports layer duplicate, first active that layer and press Ctrl+J. After making the layer duplicate, we have to turn around the shoe direction so that one seems to be on top of the other. Press Ctrl+T to turn around and transform its path. Now we have to fade the opacity of the shoe so that it looks like a reflection. To produce this, make a layer mask of the shoe by clicking on the layer mask button. You can see in the screenshot I have marked the layer mask button in the red color box. After adding the layer mask, active the layer mask by click on the white thumbnail of the layer. Then click on the Brush tool from the right menu bar. 

Make sure the brush's Foreground color is black, and you pick a soft round brush. Now operate the soft round brush on the shoe where you want to fade the opacity. When you tab the soft round brush over the shoe, you will notice that the white thumbnail color becomes black where you tab. And the show opacity becomes fade. And a mirror reflection has created down the shoe. To make this reflection more realistic, we have to adjust the size of the reflected shoe. To perform this, again press Ctrl+T to open its transform option this time, we click on the Transform Warp button on the top to match the angle of the shoe. When you click on the transform warp button, you will see some anchor points visible. You can see I mark the anchor points. If you need to add more anchor points inside the shoe, hold the Alt button from your keyboard and click inside to add new anchor points. Now drag any specific anchor point to transform its size As your desired. 

In the ultimate step, we will add heading text and subheading text of this design. And also put the company logo. And then, We input some graphic elements like ellipse stroke shapes, polygon stroke shapes. To input, the text clicks on the Type tool from the right taskbar. And type all the text you want to include in the design. Later put your logo on the design top. Then create a highlight shape for the discount text. And at the last step, we will make some round stroke shapes and polygon shapes using shape builder tools. And I will align those shapes where they look good. Our social media post design is complete now. Now we can save the social media post design in JPEG format and post it on social platforms. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this article. If you get benefits, please share this article with your friends. Goodbye 

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