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T-Shirt design | Photoshop Tutorial

I started by thanking those who are reading this article. Today my discussion topic is how to design a T-Shirt in Adobe Photoshop. Before I start My Discussion I tell you something. You must have required Some Ingredient to practice this.

Follow my instruction step by step:

Step 1: First of all you go to Photoshop software (Note: Use updated software as like Photoshop cc 2017 example: Photoshop cs5,cs6 etc)

Step 2: Now open this software by clicking on this Photoshop Icon.

Step 3: Now click on the file from the Photoshop menu bar and create a document. (Note: keep the color of the layer white)

Step 4: Now click pen tool for the tools bar. Make sure you select shape option not path and select yellow color and off the stock.

Step 5: After that click edit from the Photoshop menu-bur then go Free Transform or press Ctrl+T then click the warp then it showing this kind of options.Now hold Ctrl button and click on the corner.

Step 6: Now create new adjustment layer and select solid color – color code is # 3f150f (adjustment layer decorated in layer panel)

Step7: Then click on the eraser tool from tools bar Or (press E from your computer)(note: make sure the eraser brush selected as soft round brush).

Step 8: Now click solid color layer mask thumbnail. After that hold mouse left click move in on image left corner.

 Step 9:Now decorate those images step by to make those image bigger or smaller click edit then go free transform (hold Ctrl and press T)

Step 10: Now click on type and decorate those article
For more details description click this video

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