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Food Packaging Design | Chocolate packet - Photoshop Tutorial

Hello Everyone, Greetings to all of you and thanks for reading this text tutorial. Today I will describe how to design beautiful chocolate packaging design using Adobe Photoshop. Please keep follow me step by step.You need some design materials to design this invitation card.

Design Ingredient:
(1) Adobe Photoshop ( Note: Use latest version software )
(2) Stock Images and Mock-up ( Sorry some how this tutorial stock image and files are missing)
(3) Fonts

This tutorial will be very helpful for beginners who want to learn graphic design easily and quickly. advance designer can also follow this tutorial. so let's start.

First open your Photoshop software (Note: please install it if you don't have this software). Than press Ctrl + N or click on Create New to create new document. When you click create new Then the artboard making dialog box will open. Now put file name and file size (width 1210 x height 480px) and make Resolution 300 and Background Contents "White" make sure you select CMYK color mode.(Note: IF you use those document for web select RGB color mode and if you want use those file for print Use CMYK color mode. Than click on Create.

After the design artboard is visible go to File>Open then bring all stock images. Than unlock the coffee image and drag it on the main design artboard. after that click on Edit and go to Free Transform to adjust this coffee image with artboard. Than go to Layer Panel and click on the Adjustment layer icon which icon i red marked in the screenshot. Than click on the Solid Color after that pick a similar color of coffee so that the design looks good. Then click on Layer Mask not layer after that click on Gradient and select one of the transparent effects gradient. Or click Eraser Tool from Photoshop sidebar then select one of soft brush and run that brush over the layer mask. After that you will found this fade effect.

Secondly being other two images ( Wave effect Chocolate and chocolate.) Since these two images are already opened in Photoshop So just unlock the layers by clicking layer lock icon and bring them to Main Design artboard. After that press Ctrl +T to adjust both layer. Then alien these layers perfectly. As I did in screenshot.

After alignment click on the Type Tool from Photoshop sidebar and select Chocolate bar demo font than type "Chocolate Packaging design" after that make font size bigger as much as need so that it is consistent with the design artboard.

Now click on the shape Building Tool from Photoshop side. And create a ellipse shape after that click this shape fill and select white color (#ffffff). Than drag this shape upper and set in it a perfect place. Than again click on Type Tool and type "100% safe Testy"

Then let's move on to the next slider. In here we have to go to the first Text layer (Chocolate packaging design) Blending Option by double click on the layer. In blending option dialog box check mark the Stock and pick that orange color (#dd4527) as the text layer stroke. Than click on OK. After that make a custom shape and type 15p and bring it up on the shape. Then press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E to marge all layer into a image layer.

Now again go to the stock files folder that you have already downloaded in your local drive. Then open up the chocolate packaging mockup psd file by double clicking on it. Now double click on "label design" smart layer. Then it will open in a new popup window in Photoshop.

Now drag your designed image layer on the mockup popup layer and than press adjust it. Make sure your design layer cover the whole artboard than go to File and click on Save. It's done.Thanks for patiently reading this tutorial.

If you have any difficulty to understand this text tutorial. Then check out my video tutorial. You will find it on my channel.

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