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Cosmetic Product Packaging Design-Photoshop CC 2018

Hello Guy, Today I will discuss my #37 number video tutorials in the text. Before I start I want to tell you something about graphic design. Some of people things that Graphic Design is so easy task. It's completely wrong conception. In my practical experiences, I can tell you It’s not. However, to learn professional graphic Design you need dip concentrate on color, shape, and background, if anything missing then the entire design will incomplete.
To download mock-up and the stock images of this tutorial click here 

Cosmetic Product Packaging Design-Photoshop CC 2018

To design cosmetic product tube you need to install Adobe Photoshop CC or other Photoshop version. I recommend installing updated version of Photoshop. After install, this program opens a new document by clicking on new or (Ctrl+N). Now put a size of Cosmetic Product tube. I used(7 inches width and 17 inches height and resolution 300 px and color mode RGB) [Note: when you design for printing please select CMYK color mode] You can use other sizes to design your Cosmetic Product Tube. Now click on Create. After clicking on Create, It will be showing a new blank white document. We need to design this white document.

First select rectangle tool by pressing U form keyboard. Now hold mouse left click and drag it down until it adjusts on background.choose one of the color form color panels. I choose the blue color. In here color is not important but you need to choose one the color. Make sure Stroke is off. After doing this you can see a blue rectangle layer created in the layer panel.

Double click on the blue rectangle layer to open it's Blending Options. Now click on Gradient Overlay and select the Pink gradient from Gradient panel. After select gradient adjusts the color of the gradient. when done your adjustment click on ok.

Now click on File and go Place Embedded and select the flower stock image. After visible images select the flower image and click on Place to placement the flower image. Then go Edit and select Free Transform or press (Ctrl+T) from the keyboard to adjust the size of the flower image. When done your adjustment click on Ok.

At the same process do the next step, click on File and go Place Embedded and select the water stock image and adjust the size again. when it did click on Ok. Now Double Click on water image layer or Right Click on the layer to open Blending Options.

After open blending options select Color Overlay and choose the white color from the Color Picker (color code: #fcfcfc ) then click Ok. please see the Screenshot carefully.

Click on Rectangle Tool or press U form keyboard. Now hold mouse Left Click and drag it right side until it adjusts on the background. Turn on Fill and choose purple color form color panel. Make sure Stroke is off. after doing this you can see a rectangle layer visible in layer box. 

Now use Pen tool make sure you turned on the Fill now select the flower color and make a shape. you can see the shape layer created in the layer panel.

Now right click on the shape 1 layer and select Create Clipping Mask. [Note: shape 1 layer Must be located on upper and rectangle 1 layer right it below. If it is not done then the action does's visible.]

Now decorate all texts. your design is done. Now click on the upper layer and press (Alt+Ctrl+Shift+E) to merge all layer into one layer. you can see a layer visible in the layer panel.

If you want to put this design on mock-up. First, open the mock-up PSD file and double click on the mock-up upper layer. After doing this it showing two layers. now create a new layer and drag your design on the new layer and turned off all layer accept your design layer. Then go File and click on save or press (Ctrl+S)

If you unable to understand anything please play the bellow video. I think it would help you to understand this tutorial properly. You can comment on this video to know anything about this tutorial. 

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