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How to Make Best Display Ads Banner | Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

Absolutely! Let's dive deeper into each step of creating a display ad for a shoe brand using Adobe Photoshop:

How to Make the Best Display Ads Banner for Shoes brand in Adobe Photoshop

Step 1: Set Up Your Canvas

  • Canvas Size: Ensure you're creating the ad in the correct dimensions. For instance, if it's for Google Display Network, standard sizes include 300x250, 728x90, or 336x280 pixels.
  • Resolution: Set the resolution to 72 pixels/inch as it's standard for web graphics. This ensures the ad looks sharp on screens.

Step 2: Choose Engaging Visuals

  • High-Quality Images: Opt for high-resolution images that showcase your shoes effectively. Multiple angles or shots can provide variety.
  • Brand Consistency: Incorporate your brand's visual identity—logo, colors, fonts—to reinforce brand recognition.

Step 3: Design the Ad

  • Background: Create a visually appealing backdrop. It can be a subtle pattern, gradient, or a solid color that complements the shoes without distracting.
  • Layout Experimentation: Test different layouts to find what looks most appealing. Consider additional arrangements of images, text, and the CTA button.
  • Text Placement: Position the headline and copy strategically. Ensure they're readable and attention-grabbing.

Step 4: Enhance with Effects and Details

  • Visual Enhancements: Apply products such as shadows, highlights, or overlays to make the shoes pop and the ad visually appealing.
  • Call-to-Action (CTA): Make the CTA prominent. Use contrasting colors or bold fonts to attract attention.
  • Variation Testing: Create multiple versions with slight variations in design or text to see which performs best.

Step 5: Save and Export

  • File Formats: Save your work as a PSD file to retain layers for future editing. When exporting for the web, use JPEG or PNG formats for optimal quality and smaller file sizes.
  • Optimization: Ensure the file size isn't too large, especially for web use. Compress images without compromising quality to maintain fast loading times.


  • Visual Hierarchy: Arrange elements in a way that guides the viewer's eyes smoothly from one point to another.
  • Whitespace: Don't overcrowd the ad; whitespace helps in concentrating attention on essential elements.
  • Audience-Centric Design: Consider the preferences of your target audience when choosing visuals, colors, and messaging.

For detailed tutorials and inspiration, explore online resources such as YouTube tutorials, design blogs, or even online courses dedicated to creating display ads in Photoshop. These resources can offer step-by-step guides, design principles, and advanced techniques tailored for display ad creation. Remember, practice and iteration often lead to better ad designs.

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