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How To Make Creative Product Packaging PSD Design | Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

Dear visitors, hellos to all well-wishers. Greet to another beautiful packaging design graphics tutorial. I will explain and show you some views about packaging design. I hope today's tutorial will be able to benefit you a lot. So be patient and follow the tutorial from start to finish. Without further ado, let's start the main tutorial.  

I used Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop to create the packaging design. I used Adobe Illustrator to create the heading text shapes and the background pattern. However, those who have little knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator will benefit greatly from this tutorial. Today's tutorial is basically a rice packaging design. In today's tutorial, you will get ideas on how to design rice packaging and another such packaging. 

How To Make Creative Product Packaging Design?

Let's open Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator programs together. And create and design artboard in adobe photoshop whose dimension is 1364 x 1723 px. Now create a document artboard in adobe illustrator also. 

Template Information:

  1. Size : (width x height)- 1364 x 1723 px
  2. Bleed Area :(up x down x left x Right) - 25pixel x 25pixel x 25pixel x 25pixel
  3. Resolution : 300 DPI
  4. Color Mode: CMYK, for print 
  5. Template type : Photoshop File (PSD,PDF,JPG,)

Illustrator Design Component- 

Below is the part of this design that I created in Adobe Illustrator. I make two compositions in Adobe Illustrator. One is the pattern another one is the text highlighting shape. 

  • Pattern - To make the pattern first I create a circle stroke using the Ellipse tool. Now click on the Direct Selection tool, and click an anchor point of the circle stroke to select, then press delete from your keyboard to delete this part. In this way, keep one part and delete all the rest. Now click on the Width tool and click on the anchor point. With this tool, we can make one side thick and another side thin. Now click on the stroke option and select the Round cap option to make the corner rounded. Now draw another circle using the ellipse tool. This time circle will not have a stroke, only with a fill color. Now place the circle shape on the thick side top. Then make them group by pressing Ctrl+G. This time we will make three copies of the group. To do this, go to Effect > Distort and Transform > Transform can make copies as many as you want according to the space ratio. Now click on Object> Pattern > Make to make. the pattern. 

  • Highlighting shape - I created this highlighting shape by combining ellipse and rectangle shapes. Using the ellipse tool, make a round shape, and use the rectangle tool to make a rectangle shape. Now place those two shapes at the same point. This time we will marge those shapes together via the shape builder tool. Our illustrator work part is done. 

Photoshop Design Component- 

  • We have already created the design canvas. In the photoshop first design step is to make some custom shape design. To accomplish this, click on the Pen tool and draw the shape, like this packaging design. Using the pen tool, From those yellow color shapes, I have applied the Bevel and Emboss effect on one of them. 

  • Now I drag and drop the illustrator pattern to the photoshop design artboard. And change the layer mode from Normal to Overlay to match the color with the background. Now bring the rice images and place them in the perfect place as you can see in this packaging design thumbnail. To fade and delete the extra area of the rice plant image, make a layer mask of it. Now active the layer mask, and use a soft round brush. Now run the brush over the area where you need the fade effect.

  • Next, I bring the text highlighting shape from the illustrator. Now go to its layer style window, which means Blending Option, now check the Color Overlay box and pick a red color. After that, hold Ctrl and click on the shape thumbnail to make a selection around the shape. Now click on the Select > Modify > Contract and make the contract value 20 px to move the selection inside 20px. Now use a soft round white color brush and paint over the selection line. In this way, you can make the shape more attractive. Now put the title and other design materials on the design. 

Thank you so much for staying with me for this tutorial. I hope I have been able to convince you a little bit. Stay tuned for more new tutorial tips in the future. 

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