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Social Media Graphic Design | Instagram Post | Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

Sincere greetings to all the well-wishers and visitors. Today's tutorial topic is how to make creative social media post design in adobe photoshop. This photoshop tutorial will give you directions on various important things about social media post design. Those who want to make social media posts template follow my tutorial completely. Hopefully, you will know a lot. Let's start the photoshop episode. 

Before starting the tutorial, I recommend using updated Adobe Photoshop. It will help you in many cases. However, open your Adobe Photoshop and create a design document canvas 1080 x 1080 pixels dimensions. 

Desing Instructions:

Regarding this post design, I have used a watch photo you can use your product photo. Before use, the product image makes sure the product is a completely transparent background. So other graphic materials are visible behind the product. 

Step 1 >> First, I place the watch photo on the design canvas. Then create a solid fill color layer as the fill color I use light gray. The watch strap's color is gray. 

Step 2 >> After that, I use the brush tool and make some black round shapes and merge them. Now I go to that shapes layer blending option, and from there, I check the color overlay option and pick a red color. Now I check the inner shadow option and use it properties what shadow is best for the shapes

Step 3>> Use the type tool and type the heading text. In that case, I type "Watch" as the heading text. Now I make some lines using the line tool. Then I make copies of the line until it covers the total text proportion. I marge the line into a shape, then I go to Filter> liquify and liquefied it. After that, hold CTRL and click on the layer thumbnail to visible the selection of the liquified lines. Now click active the text layer and click on the mask button. Then you will see the style will apply to the text. Now make another shape that I make in the design. 

Important Information Regarding This PSD Template :

  1. Size : (Hight x wide)- 1080 x 1080 pixels
  2. Bleed Area : Not Available
  3. Resolution : 300 ppi 
  4. Color Mode :RGB
  5. Template type : Photoshop PSD,

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