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How to create attractive website hero banner | Adobe Photoshop Cc

Welcome There, Today, our tutorial is concerning creating a professional website hero banner in adobe photoshop. In this section, I will give you some design guidelines on how to make a professional website hero banner. If you follow this tutorial from start to end, I hope you will get a clear conception of making a website banner. So let's create the banner in photoshop. 

Let's Open your adobe photoshop and create a document according to your website hero banner size. Most of the cases the size is 1980 x 700 pixels. You can check the size and make the document according to this size. 

Attractive hero banner design way-

First, drag and drop the model image. And make a circle shape and then bring the model photo layer on top of the circle shape and create a clipping mask. Now copy the circle shape again and make it a little bit bigger so that shape is visible as a stroke. Now go to the below circle shape blending option, check the inner glow and properties, and pick a purple color. 

Template Information:

  1. Size : (Hight x wide)- 1980x700
  2. Bleed Area : Not Availalbe. 
  3. Resolution : 300 DPI
  4. Color Mode : RGB
  5. Template type : PSD,PDF,JPG,

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