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Social Media Post Graphic Design - Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

Hello Viewer, Today Grapocean presents a social media post graphic design tutorial in Adobe Photoshop. This tutorial is about making social media graphic designs for social media posts. At present, social media platform is considered groundbreaking marketing platform. Here sellers and traders do not promote their respective products. In a word, We can comfortably promote any service or any product in our state through social media platforms. For this, we have to design professional-level banners. That is why I have this tutorial today. In this tutorial, I will show you how to make a creative social media post using Photoshop.

In this tutorial, I have shown you how easily you can highlight your product and design a beautiful and professional banner. You can use this social media banner on various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. These banners are usually in square format. Its ideal size is 1080x1080. So let's start the main tutorial without prolonging it. If you need to design your social media post conduct us

Basic Information About this Template-

  1. Size : (Height x wide)- 1080x1080
  2. Bleed Area: Not Require 
  3. Resolution : 300 DPI 
  4. Color Mode: RGB  
  5. Template type : PSD,PDF,JPG,

Tutorial Stock 

Everyone knows that if you want to design, you must create an artboard. Where we did design is called the design artboard. However, Let's open our Photoshop program from our pc. Now make a design artboard document according to the screenshot. After Photoshop opens then press Ctrl+Shift+N to create a new design document. Now put the name of this document. Here I put "Social Media Post Design" as the document name. You can put any name you like. Then I put the size- Width 1080 and Height 1080 and Resolution 300. Make sure you have selected Pixels from the drop-down box. Then keep color mood RGB color. Since we are making the banner for the social platform, We have to choose RGB color mode. If we designed this banner for print, we would use CMYK mode. After that, click on the blue create button. After clicking this blue create button, your design artboard will be visible.

That design is about a product highlighting banner that reason, I have used a mobile picture here as a product picture. You can bring any similar pictures products. However, we will take a black background color behind the product. Later we used the color that is on the screen of the mobile as the background color.

However, after opening the design artboard, our first task will be to bring the stock photo from the computer store to the design artboard. To do this, click on File>Open, then select the stock photos and click on open. After bringing the stroke photos, Let's create a background layer using Rectangle Tool and pick a black color as temporary color. Now create a new layer. Then select Brush Tool (make sure you chose a soft round brush from there.) I have used an 800 Brush. Now we use a slightly brighter color than the background and tab on the design canvas. Then keep the product image (layer 1) above the brush layer 2. Now we will go to the next step.

In this step, we will implement the shadow and lighting effect on the product layer. First, we Implement shadow on the mobile screen and then the lighting effect. To do this, We need to create a Solid Black Color fill Layer because we need a shadow effect above the mobile screen. To create a solid fill layer, click on the New Fill And Adjustment layer making ball icon. And create a color fill layer, and change its color to black. You may notice that the color fill layer name is "Color Fill 1", and it has a white layer mask. Now we have to invert the layer mask. To inverts the layer mask, click on the white mask area of the Color Fill 1 layer. And press Ctrl+I to invert the layer mask area from white to black. Then hold Alt+Ctrl+Shift and click on the Color Fill 1 layer to clipping mask this layer to the product (mobile) layer. Now select a soft round brush and make sure the foreground color is black. Now drow brush over the product layer (mobile)

Now we implement the lighting effect on the product(mobile) layer. For that, we need an image that has a lighting effect on the black background. Now we bring that image layer above the image of our product (mobile) layer. Then make the layer mode Normal to Color Dodge and make a duplicate layer of it by pressing ctrl+J. Then we will add a layer mask, For both of those layers by clicking on the Layer Mask icon. This time we will not invert the layer mask. We will create a selection over the product (mobile) layer. To do that, hold Ctrl from the keyboard and click on the product layer. After that, you will see a selection symbol that will be visible around the mobile. Now click on layer mask Layer 5 . select a (Hard round) brush from the brush panel. And drow over the mask area to delete unwanted light areas. Then do the same with Layer 5 copy. 

In this step, we will make this light effect brighter. To do this, we need to make one more duplicate layer of Layer 5. You already know the way, how to make a duplicates layer. Active the layer your want to duplicate and press Ctrl +J. Now we will apply the blur effect on this copied layer. To do this, go to Filter >Blur >Gaussian blur. As you can see in the screenshot, Now we adjust the Radius value of the gaussian blur. I make that radius 19.4 pixels. Then change the layer mode to Linear Dodge (Add). After that, you will see the light will be brighter. I hope you understand that.

In the final step, we will add a reflection of the product layer (mobile). To make this reflection, we have to make a duplicate layer of the product. Then free transform the layer by pressing Ctrl+T. Now we will add the layer mask by pressing the mask icon. You can see in the screenshot I have marked the mask icon. Now active the layer mask, then click on the Gradient from the right side menu bar. From here chose the transparent fill gradient. After that, drag the gradient ball down to up. When you do that, you will see the product layer that you copy. It will fade away. 

If you still have difficulty understanding, then you can watch my video tutorial. I am saying goodbye here today. Thanks for patiently reading the article.

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