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Tri fold Brochure Design (Professional Corporate) - Photoshop Tutorial

I started by thanking those who are reading this article. Today my discussion topic is how to design a beautiful Tri Fold Brochure in Adobe Photoshop. Before I start My Discussion I tell you something. You must have required Some Ingredient to practice this.

Design Ingredient:
(1) Adobe Photoshop ( Note: Use latest version software )
(2) Stock Images and Mockup 
(3) Fonts.

Let's start by saying no more. Stay with me I will discuss step by step.

First of all open up your Photoshop Software. Than Press  Ctrl + N  Or Click on Create New to Create New Document. When you Click Create New Then a dialog box will open. Now Put File Name and File Size. And make Sure you Select  CMYK Color mode.(Note: IF you use Those document For web Select RGB Color mode and If you want use Those File for Print Use CMYK color mode. Than Click on Create

After visible The Design Artboard Go to view from the menu bar and click on the Rulers Or Press Ctrl+R  to View Rulers Guide. Drag and drop the Rulers and surround the Artboard. Go to Image from the menu bar and click Canvas size or press Alt+Ctrl+C from the keyboard to increase Artboard size with same ratio. You can use calculator to calculate the ratio. Now Start Design On Artboard.

Click on the Pen tool from the Photoshop Tools bar and make sure you selected Shape mood and Fill Red Color Stroke Off. Now draw a shape use paint tool as like you seen in the image.

Now use Custom Shape Tool and draw a six corner shape. Right Click on the shape layer and go to Blending Option and Check mark on the Stroke and increase the size little bit and make sure selected stock position> inside and keep fill type> color and select white (#ffffff) color. After that click on ok.

Now copy couple of custom shape And align those shapes carefully. After complete alignment make all custom shape into a group folder and again copy the group folder. Now go File > Open and bring the man image form computer storage and Right click on the image layer and Create Clipping Mask it in the bellow group folder. Now go upper group and Turn off all layers Fill to make man image layer visible under stroke.

After image layer visible adjust the size of the image layer by pressing Ctrl +T after adjustment You can change all red color to Blue. Now decorate all text, and other ingredients Beautifully. If you are facing any problem to understand this text tutorial you can view my video tutorial.

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