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How to Design a Book Cover - Photoshop Tutorial

Hello Everyone, Thank you all for those who are reading this text tutorial. Today I will describe how do you design a professional book cover using Adobe Photoshop. Patiently follow each of my steps carefully if you want to learn how to create this book cover. You might need some design materials to make this book cover design. Let me start the tutorial without delay.

Template Basic Information:

  1. Size- 1654x2598 px
  2. Resolution- 300ppi
  3. Color Mode- CMYK
  4. Template Type- PSD

This tutorial is for entry-level and beginning-level designers. If you are interested in learning how to design a book cover, you can follow this. Advanced designers can also follow this tutorial. Before starting the design, please download the stock image mockup, etc. So let's start the book cover design.

First, open your Photoshop program. Then press Ctrl + N or click on Create New to create a new document. When you press Ctrl+N from your keyboard, you will notice that a document creation dialog box will be visible. From there, put the file name "Ebook Cover Design" and file size (width 1654 x height 2598 px). And make sure you select  CMYK color mode. (Note: IF you use those documents for the web platforms, select RGB color mode and if you want to use those files for print, use the CMYK color mode. Then click on create to make a design artboard document. Our design artboard is ready. Now we can start design on this blank artboard.  

After creating the design artboard. We have to bring the design stock photos to form our computer drive. To do this, Press Alt+F or click on File to go File menu and click Open to open the stock images in photoshop. You can also Press Alt+Ctrl+Shift+O to open images directly. However, When you do this, all images are open in photoshop with different new tabs. Now click on the girl image tab and click on the Pen tool from the Photoshop side toolbar. After clicking the Pan tool, make sure you select "Path" from the pen tool properties. Now create a path surrounding the girl image as I did in the snapshot.

After making the path successfully, unlock the layer by clicking the lock icon. When you click on the layer lock icon, the lock icon will hide. Now press Ctrl+Enter to turn the path into a selection. When you notice the selection mark is visible on the image, Just press Delete from the keyboard to delete the girl behind backgrounds.

After making the girl photo transparent, drag the girl and city image to the main design artboard. Now click on the girl image layer thumbnail to activate the layer, then go to Edit and click on Free Transform to adjust the size of the girl photo. In the same way, active the city image layer by clicking on the layer thumbnail and press Ctrl+T to transform its size. Now click on the Add Layer Mask icon to create a layer mask of the city image layer. Now click on the layer mask thumbnail, not the layer thumbnail. Then click on the Gradient menu from the Photoshop sidebar and select a half-transparent gradient. Make the Gradient foreground color is black layer Mode: Normal, Opacity 100%. Now hold the mouse left click and pulls the mouse cursor from bottom to top on the city image to apply the transparent fade effect.

In this step, we have to create a black background that covers the entire design artboard. To execute this, click on the small plus box icon and make the blank layer. After that, click on the gradient menu and chose the paint bucket tool from there and then just one tab on the design artboard. Keep in mind, must keep foreground color. There is another way you can do this, click on the Shape tool from the photoshop sidebar and make a Rectangular shape that covers the total artboard, and the Fill color of the rectangular shape must be black. After creating this black color background, send it bellow by pressing Ctrl+Shift+[. Now active the girl image layer by clicking on its thumbnail. And click on its layer mask button to add a layer mask with the girl layer. Then active the layer mask by clicking on the layer white thumbnail. As we did before with that city image, make the same transparent fade effect using a half-transparent gradient to utilize the fade effect on the girl image layer.

Now click on the Create new fill or adjustment layer Icon and make a  Hue/Saturation layer and adjust the Hue/Saturation color of the city image. So we can match the color of the city image layer with the girl image layer. In the same way, click on the Create new fill or adjustment layer and this time make the Color Balance layer and adjust it by increasing or decreasing the color range. Now make a black solid color layer and bring that solid color layer on the top of the girl image layer. And make this layer Clipping Mask with the girl image layer. Now click on the Eraser tool and make the Brushstroke soft. Then active, solid color fill layer (Color Fill 1) layer and erase over the girl's face area to visible the girl's face.

Now using the Type tool and type the book name as (E-BOOK COVER). Then go to this text Layer Style window (double click on the text layer thumbnail to open the layer style window) then checkmark on Gradient from there. Now chose a use silver color gradient. You can change or edit the gradient color using the Eyedropper tool from the Photoshop sidebar. after adding the silver gradient, press Ok to apply the gradient effect on the text.

Thanks for reading the article patiently. I hope all confusion is gone regarding this book cover design tutorial. If you think this tutorial helps you, please share this tutorial with your friends and comment under this post on how was the text tutorial. 

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