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How to Design a Book Cover - Photoshop Tutorial

Hello Everyone, Thank you all for those who are reading this text tutorial. Today I will describe how could you design a nice book cover using Adobe Photoshop. Stay with me I will describe it step by step. You need some design materials to design this book cover.

Design Ingredient:

(1) Adobe Photoshop ( Note: Use the latest version software )
(2) Stock Images and Mockup
(3) Fonts

This tutorial is for basic level and beginning level designer. Those who want to learn quickly. the advance designers can also follow this tutorial. Before start design please download stock image mockup etc. so let's start.

First open your Photoshop software (Note: please install it if you don't have this software). Then press Ctrl + N  or click on Create New to create a new document. When you click create new Then a  will open. Now put file name Ebook Cover Design and file size (width 1654 x height 2598 px). And make sure you select  CMYK color mode. (Note: IF you use those documents for web select RGB color mode and if you want to use those files for print Use CMYK color mode. Then click on Create

After clicking Create design artboard will visible. Now Click on File or Press (Alt+F) to go file and Open both images that you have downloaded (girl image and city image) you can also Press Alt +Ctrl +Shift+ O to open images directly. When both images open under different new tabs. Click on the girl image tab and Click on Pen tool from the Photoshop side toolbar. after clicking Pan tool make sure you select Path not Shape. Now path surrounding the girl as I do in the snapshot.

After making the path successfully unlock the layer by clicking the lock icon. When you click on the layer lock icon the layer will automatically be unlocked. Now press Ctrl+Enter to turn the path into a selection. when you see selection sign on the image Just press Delete to cut out the girl behind the black background.

After cutting out the girl image background bring both images (girl and city image) in the main design artboard and adjust both images. First, click girl image layer and go to Edit and click on Free Transform to adjust the size. In the same way, adjust the city image layer. Now Select the city image layer and click on the Add Layer Mask to create a layer mask. Make sure you click on the white layer mask, not layer. Then click on the Gradient from Photoshop Sidebar and select a Transparent Gradient. Make gradient (Mode: Normal, Opacity 100%) now hold Mouse left click and drag it down over the city image to apply the transparent effect.

Now create a new layer by pressing Ctrl+ J and make the layer color black. or can use the shape layer also to do this Click on the Shape tools from the photoshop sidebar and make a Rectangular shape which color will be black. After making this black layer send it bellow by pressing Ctrl+Shift+[. Now select the girl image layer and make a Layer mask Like you did with that city image and make the same gradient transparent effect on the girl image layer.

Now click on the Create new fill or adjustment layer Icon and make a  Hue/Saturation layer and adjust Hue/Saturation color. In the same way, click on Create new fill or adjustment layer and again make the Color Balance layer and adjust it by increasing or decreasing the color range. After that make again a solid color layer and bring that solid color layer upon the girl image layer and make this layer Clipping Mask. Now click on the Eraser tool and select 250 Soft Brush then select Color Fill 1 layer and erase over the girl face area.

Now using Type tool type the book name as type (E-BOOK COVER) than go this text layer (just double click on the text layer) Blending Option then checkmark on Gradient from blending options dialog box and use silver gradient or you can change the gradient color using Eyedropper tool from Photoshop sidebar

If you are unable to understand this tutorial please visit my video. I hope all confusion will go. and if you are benefited please share this tutorial and comment under this post how was the text tutorial

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