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Corporate Business Cards PSD Template Design | Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

Hi There, Welcome to Grapocean. If you're looking to create professional-looking corporate business cards Design in Photoshop, you've come to the correct zone. Today In this tutorial, we'll show you how to make a corporate business card template in Photoshop. Business cards designed for your business or personal brand. You can also hire me for your business card template. Without further wait, let's start the tutorial. 

How could I make Company Business Cards?

When you design for your brand you need to understand A corporate business card is an excellent way to promote your business and connect with conceivable customers. You can create a custom business card template in Photoshop. To make a custom business card template, begin by creating a new file in Photoshop or another design program. You can use standard business card dimensions or create your card larger or smaller to fit your specific needs.

Design Explanation:

  • Size : (width x height)- 3.5inces x 2inces 
  • Bleed Area :(up x down x left x Right) - 25pixel x 25pixel x 25pixel x 25pixel
  • Resolution : 300 DPI
  • Color Mode: CMYK 
  • Template type : PSD,PDF,JPG,
  • Font Names: Arial, Babies, 

To start, open Photoshop and create a new document. We're heading to working with a traditional business card measurement of 3.5" x 2". Once you have made the design document, then we will start the graphics work artwork on the business cards. To do this, first, we create a color fill layer by clicking on Adjustment Layer. And pick a gray dark black color. It will be the business card background color. Now create an organic shape using the photoshop pen tool. For this pen tool shape, we will keep the white color. Now create a copy of this shape, or re-make the shape using the photoshop pen tool. Now apply drop shadow on top of the white shape. 

Similarly, make a custom shape using the pen tool this time the shape color will be yellow. Now keep the shape in the perfect position. Once you have all your shapes in place, use Photoshop's "Layer Styles" feature and checkmark the bevel & emboss to the yellow color layer. However, The Layer styles allow you to create various effects for your layers. After applying this effect, make several copies of the yellow shape, and please it where it looks good. Now bring your logo and place it at the center bottom of the business card. Our first part of the business card is ready. The 2nd part is almost the same design but only puts your contact info. 

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