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Business Facebook Cover Photo Design | Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

Dear watchers, today, I will guide you through the complete process of the business Facebook cover banner. To make the design, I used adobe Photoshop's earlier version.

What is a company Facebook cover photo? 

A Facebook cover banner is the most effective way to show business qualities and get conceivable clients. The Facebook cover banner is a view that reflects the brand values. If you want to create a strong relationship with your followers, you can create a Facebook cover banner so it can deliver a clear message to your visitors. 

How do I make a business Facebook cover photo? 

Producing a business Facebook cover photo banner is a fabulous way to show off your business and its products to your Facebook fans. Here is some way to make your Facebook cover better. 

  • Select a photo that represents your company and its products.
  • Pick your product image that is professional and heightened quality.
  • Think about using an image that is relevant to your company or niche.
  • Try to find a photo that reflects
  • Select an image that is easy to use in the banner. 
  • Choose an image that is eye-catching and captures your brand's personality.

Let's create the Facebook banner using adobe photoshop: 

Do you want to create a banner for your Facebook page? Then you have to make an artboard in adobe photoshop. The standard size for a Facebook cover photo is 851x315 pixels. Once you've picked the right size for your banner, you'll need to view the relevant design elements. For that, first, we create a background for this Facebook banner. As this is a business Facebook cover banner, we used an image of a city and reduced its image opacity. 

Here we have used three business model images. We need to place the business model photos on the photoshop design artboard. We will put two models inside of the two shapes and one model separately. Now we will create a stroked outline for those two shapes. Next, we will make some customs using the pen tool and give them different colors (purple, blue, white)

Some Important information regarding this PSD template:

  1. Size : (width x height)- 851x315 px (Always keep updated with latest update size)
  2. Bleed Area: Now available for this template
  3. Resolution :72 DPI
  4. Color Mode: RGB
  5. Color profile: Working RGB: sRGB
  6. Template type : PSD,PDF,JPG,

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