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How To Make Shoe Web Banner Design | Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

Hey There, Greetings All, Welcome to a new tutorial by Grapocean. Today's tutorial discusses how to create an e-commerce banner. E-commerce banner design usually refers to the different types of product banner design. The e-commerce banner is utilized for various exhibitions of products on the website. Those who have e-commerce websites make these banners by hiring different designers.

How to Make Banner for eCommerce website?

E-Commerce Banner Design

Anyway, I used Adobe Photoshop earlier version to design this tutorial. Here I will explain how to create an e-commerce banner from start to finish. Follow the tutorial. I hope you can learn something new from here. This banner drives a lot of traffic and can multiply sales of your product. For this reason, those product banner has to be made with many things in mind. These are a few common materials used by designers to design banners. 

  • Color
  • Fonts
  • Shapes 
  • Texture
  • Pattern etc.

In some cases, some of these are used, and in some cases, all are used. However, here I have created a pattern background for this e-commerce banner. 

First, open the Adobe Photoshop software to create the design artboard As I said before, I have made a custom pattern for this banner background. So let's make it first. I created some horizontal using Adobe Photoshop's >>Rectangles tool to create this custom pattern. After making the shapes, I put them one below the other and arranged them in a row. Then I march all the layers together. Then I click on the >>Filter menu from the top menu bar of Photoshop and go to the >>Liquify option. Then I apply the liquify to them to make the carving effect. Then I put the picture of the product on the top of the banner, which is a red color sports shoe. 

Then I pick the red color for the liquefied shape according to the product color. Now I apply some 3d style for this background shape. to do this, go to that liquefied shape >>bleanding option and apply to check the >>bevel and emboss box and edit the properties Then, I used a beautiful font to highlight the main title. I have applied some effects to this font, so it looks professional and attractive. I have made some bubble shapes using the Ellipse tool and put it 

Template Information:

  1. Size : (height x width )-1920x700
  2. Bleed Area : Not available
  3. Resolution : 300 DPI
  4. Color Mode : RGB
  5. Template type : PSD,PDF,JPG,

Font Names: Monoton Regular

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