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Print Ready Business Card Design - Photoshop CC

Hello Guy, Today, I will discuss my #82 number video tutorials in text format. Before I start the tutorial, I want to tell you something about graphic design. Some people things that graphic design is an easy platform. In my opinion, that is a wrong conception. In my practical experiences, I can tell you that not. However, to learn professional graphic design, you need dip concentrate on color, shape, and background. If anything of missing from them, then the entire design will incomplete. 

However,  We will learn today how to make a print-ready business card. The business card highlights the corporate identity. Having a business card is very important for a business organization. That's why I have this tutorial today. Those who want to design such beautiful business cards can follow my tips and tricks. Here I have discussed in detail how to make a business card. And how to make it print-ready. So let's start the main tutorial.

Some Detail About This Business Card Template-

  • Size- 3.75 x 2.25 inches (total design artboard)
  • Bleed area- .25 extra with (3.5x2) that mean 3.75x2.25 is the total artboard
  • color mode- CMYK
  • template type- PSD, JPEG, PDf.

We need graphic designing software to design business cards. In this case, we see the widespread use of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, so I am using Adobe Photoshop. In the first step, we need to put the size of the design artboard and make an artboard on which we will design this business card.

Let's click on the New button to create a design artboard or just press Ctrl+N. Then you will see a New Document dialog box that will open. Here we will give the name of the template I name here "Business Card Design" You can put whatever name you want. Then put the width and height size. And from the drop-down box will select the CMYK as a color mode of this document. Now click on the blue Create button. Then that, a design artboard will appear.

Now we will make our design on the artboard. First, we will make a background. To make this, click on the Rectangle Tool. And draw a rectangle shape to the whole design artboard. Then pick a dark gray color from the color picker box. Then lock the background layer (Rectangle 1) that we had made using Rectangle. Wherein it does not move during the designing work. To do this, make sure you active the Rectangle 1 layer and click on the lock icon ( It's situated right side of the Fill). After locked the Rectangle 1 layer, draw a shaped half of the design canvas and pick a light gray color for the Rectangle 2 layer. Now we will transform the layer as we seen above screenshot. To make this, click on the Edit from the top photoshop menu and click on the Free Transform from the edit drop-down menu or press Ctrl+T from your keyboard. Then click Transform Warp Icon on the top. Now hold the left mouse button and drag the bellow line a little bit down. Now hit on the top checkmark button to apply the warp effect on the layer.

After applying the warp effect on the layer, We will put a Drop Shadow under it. To implement the drop shadow effect, double click on the Rectangle 2 layer to open its layer style window. After that put checkmark the Drop shadow box then you will be seen the drop shadow structure box. From, There keep the Blend Mode> Multiply and make sure the color of blend mode is black because most of the time, shadow color becomes black. Now put its opacity value at 60%. And the angel of the shadow 90°degrees. Don't forget you checkmark the Use Global Light. Now keep the Distance of the shadow 4px and spread 0% and the shadow distance size 4px. After doing all this, click on Ok to apply the shadow effect under the layer. Now bring the company logo and change its color to white because the color of the business card is black and white. To change the logo color, double click on the logo layer to show up its layer style window, then keep Color Overlay check and pick a white color using the Eyedropper tool. Now put the logo on the center of the design canvas. Our first part of the business card is ready.

In the second part of the business card, I have created some white shapes using Rectangle Tool to highlight the contact information. And bring contact icons from the computer store and also brings the QR code image. After that, use the same light gray shape (which we used in the first part of the business card). Now let's bring it behind the contact details shapes and modify it by pressing Ctrl+T. After that, I wrote contact information one by one and put it on the white shape layers. In the same way, I bring the icons and put them on the small white shape box. Now type the business owner's name and business title and make a little bit bigger the owner's name and small the business title.

Now we will make this business card template print ready-

I have used the standard size of the business card. Before you print a business card, you must inform the printing house what size you want because different sizes are available for print. However, To make our business card template print-ready. We have to focus on the main To steps.
  • Define printing size, bleed area, Trim area, Safe area.
  • Adjust The black color and make it CMYK mode before printing this visiting card
I discussed this in detail at the beginning of this tutorial. You can check it "Business Card Template information" I hope all confusion is gone and the tutorial is helpful to you. If you still have difficulty understanding this tutorial, you can watch my videos about business card design. I am saying goodbye from here today. I will appear in front of you with another new tutorial. Stay well until then. 

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